With businesses ordered to observe social distancing and limit their maximum occupation capacity, the usual scene of crowded facilities has faded from the scene. Guests who frequent cafés include remote workers, students, and colleagues who want to interact after work. Because people love coffee, café owners should strive and include some of the most loved varieties of coffee on their menu.

Turkey Coffee

Turkey coffee is among the fine ground coffee that instantly dissolves into the water. The Turkish coffee bean has a powerful bean that has an irresistible taste. To make a great cup of Turkish coffee with the exact flavour, one can consider adding chocolate to sweeten the taste or other Turkish delights.

Dalgona Coffee

The Dalgona is a coffee variety originating from Korea and popularized by a TikTok video shared with millions of users in March 2020. To prepare a cup of Dalgona coffee, one requires four main ingredients, which include water, instant coffee, milk and sugar.

Vietnamese Coffee

It’s no surprise that coffee flavours from Vietnam are taking the world by storm. One explanation for this is that Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of coffee worldwide by volume. The coffee beans are from the robusta species. The bean has double caffeine strength and an increased acidity level.