When someone opens up their own café they will have to decide what their employees will wear. Designing a uniform is harder than it looks. It requires a fair amount of artistic prowess. The manager needs to know what fashion trends are currently popular. The good news is that AIM’N has clothing items that never go out of style.

Non Restrictive Uniforms

Managers of these businesses need to make a wide range of important decisions. If a coffee start-up is run right it can be very lucrative. One of the first jobs is to choose a uniform that allows for freedom of movement. For example, the seamless leggings from AIM’N are designed to let the wearer work out in comfort. They are perfect for café staff. If uniforms are too restrictive it will hinder productivity.

All The Same Colour

Cafés typically utilise uniforms so that customers can differentiate employees from everyone else. Therefore, each of their attire needs to be in the same colour shade. Studies have shown that colour can affect moods in different ways. It is best to opt for hues that create a calming and welcoming type of atmosphere. Aggressive and bleak tones should be avoided.

A Balance Of Casual And Professional

Current fashion tends to favour casual clothing over more formal attire. However, this does not mean that café uniforms have to be too laid back. Instead the manager must strike a balance between street fashion and formal wear. It is easier said than done. The AIM’N catalogue contains numerous items that manage to achieve this.

Representing The Café

When workers put on the uniform they will become ambassadors for the business. Their clothes should communicate the overall brand of the café. This can be reflected in the choice of colour, fabric and design. Picking a uniform gives managers the opportunity to distinguish their business from all of the others in the industry.