2020 was a challenging year for people and businesses. Cafés also felt the heat, especially after authorities started enforcing Covid-19 restrictions in most parts of the world. However, many café owners came up with innovative solutions to keep their business running, with others implementing new business models. Some of these solutions are here to stay, and these are the top café trends for 2021.

Food Delivery Services Will Soar

People now prefer food and drinks delivered to their homes and offices instead of dining in cafés because of lockdown and movement restrictions. Many cafés have migrated from the traditional dining models to delivering food directly to their customers. This means that restaurants and cafés that don’t have delivery options will likely jump into the fast-growing delivery industry.

More Focus on Sanitation and Health

Sanitation is crucial for any business operating in the hospitality industry, given the spread of covid-19. In conjunction with The British Hospitality Association, the UK government has released safety guidelines for cafés and restaurants reopening, with sanitation being one of the main focus points. Proper sanitation will influence the influx of customers since people are now more concerned about their health.

Online Ordering Boom

It’s predicted that worldwide food delivery sales will increase by 20% by 2030 annually. This increase will be brought by deliveries, food pick-ups and the use of third-party delivery firms. More customers will opt to have their food delivered in the coming years instead of dining at the facility. Also, more food delivery platforms are catching up with this trend.